Washing instructions

The clothing is recommended to be washed at 30 degrees and allowed to air dry. In case of stains, white riding breeches may be washed at a warmer temperature, but limit this as much as possible.

Leather goods:
To keep the leather goods supple and in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend using the leather care products that you can find on the site under the 'leather & care products' tab.

The leather goods combined with wool:

Girths: This wool is removable with a handy velcro strip. The wool should be washed at 30 degrees and air dried.

Training boots: this wool should be washed manually with little detergent and then air dried.

Saddle cloths and half pads:
The saddle cloths are made of cotton/polyester. This is because of good sweat absorption and comfort for the horse. The cotton in the saddle cloths may shrink if washed too hot. That is why we recommend washing the saddle cloths in cold water, especially the first few times. This is also better for color retention. Then let the saddle cloth air dry. Wash your saddle cloths as little as possible and use little detergent.

Half pads:
We recommend not to wash the half pads in the washing machine and to clean them with a damp cloth.

If you have any questions, or if something is not clear, please let us know!

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