The story behind Epique

The story behind Epique

Passioned by horses and the sport

... unfortunately not given the talent to make it as a rider

... but that didn't mean I could not follow my dream.



I am Sophie, I am a mom of 3 beautiful kids and happily married to my non-horse husband. Luckily, the 'horse virus' runs in his family so he supports me with my choices and is sometimes even more enthusiast than I am.

10 years ago, I was 23, finished my Marketing studies, ready to take over the world and started as account manager for a Belgium design company.
During that period I learned so much about sales, marketing, product placement, fairs ... I had so much fun, really loving the job, the products, the customers but then life happens and suddenly we were pregnant with twins.

I was 27 by then. The twins were a blessing but the first year was hard. I could not combine the long working days with the twins so I decided to look for another opportunity.

I was so lucky to have found a job as product manager/developer for a company in the airline business. The job was very exciting, I enjoyed almost every minute of it.
I had to learn how to develop a product and manage this whole development from design to end product. Involved in almost every step of the way. 

And then ... we were pregnant for the second time. There was our third kid, a beautiful son. But as you can imagine, 3 kids, a horse in the stable,  a full time job with a lot of traveling and my husband who has his own business.

I constantly had the feeling I had to choose between my career and my family. And family is life, so it was not that hard to make the choice.

Combining the experiences that I have as an account manager and as a product manager, I decided to take the jump and start up my own business at age 31.

Starting from scratch, full with ideas and super motivated I started to build my own brand.

A brand that is unique and accessible to everybody. 

A brand for the ambitious equestrian, like myself but also for the equestrian on a higher level AND also for the equestrian that just loves to improve themselves, without going on competition.

A brand that promises quality and durability and in that way takes it's responsibility for a more sustainable world.

A brand that is not reinventing but improving what is already there on the market but can become better.

A brand that tells a story about not only the rider but about the horses.

A brand that gives you comfort, makes you feel beautiful, makes you feel epic 


A brand , EPIQUE 


So that was it, I had the name, I knew what it would stand for and then the search for partners began. 




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