Collection: Lucky Charms

A small personal trendy lucky charm. To give you that little bit of extra self confidence or just because it looks very nice on your saddle, bridle or martingale.

Each stone has its own meaning and you can personalize it!

Pure Confidence - Sodalite - Dark Blue
Sodalite gives you insight into yourself and helps you be true to yourself. It promotes self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. It helps break through limiting thought and behavior patterns such as self-defense mechanisms, feelings of guilt, fears and phobias. It promotes freedom, idealism, truth and expressing your opinions and feelings. Sodalite strengthens logic, rational thinking and objectivity and unites this with intuition.

Pure Tranquility - Prehnite - Light green
Prehnite has a nice soft and soothing energy. Tensions and stress melt away like snow in the sun. Prehnite calms the mind and helps you see everything clearly again.

Pure Consistancy - Lilac Jade - Light pink
Jade is a protective stone and attracts luck, prosperity, success and wealth. It stimulates love, loyalty, friendship and wisdom.

Pure Balance - Moss Agate - Dark green
Moss agate has a nice grounding effect and has a nice soft energy. This stone places you in the here and now and ensures stability and balance between body and mind. Moss agate strengthens your contact with nature and the earth and promotes your respect and love for nature.

Pure Positivity - Amethyst - Light purple
Purple Amethyst provides willpower and helps you with inner torn, doubt and choice stress by helping you realize what is important. The stone represents the release of negative thoughts and habits and thus reduces nervousness and stress.

Pure Concentration - Rutile Quartz - Black / gray
This gemstone gives hope, confidence and offers you new possibilities by pushing your boundaries. It promotes concentration, reduces anxiety and increases the will to live.

Pure Protection - Tiger's Eye - Brown flamed
Tiger's Eye increases attentiveness and concentration and strengthens rational thinking. It also makes you more self-confident and less shy, allowing you to act more decisively. It makes you eager to learn and curious and helps you make the right decisions.

Pure Honesty - Pyrite - Gold
Pyrite is a strongly grounding stone and provides strong insight, self-knowledge and self-confidence, but keeps you with both feet on the ground. It offers balance and satisfaction.

Pure Awareness - Amazonite - Milk light green
Amazonite is a gemstone that makes you aware of your potential growth, supports your willpower and strengthens your intellect while giving you peace and tranquility.

How do you start?
° You choose a letter, from yourself or from your horse
° You choose a stone that matches best
° You choose whether you want a beautiful gift box or not


Would you like a variant of such, just let us know, we are always open to personalization. The lucky charms are handmade and have double fastening rings.

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