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For 20 years, Freejump has been putting its innovative skills at the service of equestrian sports.
Created by Yann Dubourg in 2001 in Bordeaux, Freejump has successfully distinguished itself from its competitors through its elegant, high-tech products, linked to the performance, comfort and safety of riders
and their horses.The brand has been very successful since its inception. Popular in over 60 countries around the world, it is considered a benchmark for innovative products designed to meet the needs of both professional and amateur riders.The brand’s first success was the X'Up single branch stirrup with automatic release in the event of a fall, directly inspired by the bicycle pedal system. This stirrup is at the origin of the Soft'Up range, which has earned Freejump its position as world leader in single branch stirrups.
Freejump also owes its reputation to the development of the first range of sports shoes and chaps, as well as the first airbag vest to be approved with the NF S72-800 standard.


Our goal is to develop intelligent solutions to make riders safer in their sport and improve their comfort and performance!
Freejump remains driven by ideas of innovation and performance in all areas: research and development, unique identity, know-how and customer relations.

Thanks to our investments in R&D and the work of our engineers, Freejump has constantly improved the competitiveness and quality of its products.
In addition, our regular work with a team of designers makes it possible, for each of our products, to tell a story made up of unique materials and precious details, thereby creating the elegant identity of Freejump.
Customer satisfaction is also at the heart of our priorities, and our team strives every day to meet the needs and expectations of all.

In order to offer the best and anticipate requirements, we work with the best riders in the world who guarantee the quality and durability of our products. We rely on an extensive network of riders who have trusted us since the beginning, such as Ludger Beerbaum, Kevin Staut, Pénélope Leprevost, Martin Fuchs, Peder Fredricson and many others...
By participating in the development of the products and trying them out in competitions, our special close relationship with these riders is the key to our success!

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