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Grooming Duo

Grooming Duo

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  1. Canter Mane and Tail: Tangle-Free Tresses

 Winter weather often brings muddy paddocks and heavy blankets, which can lead to tangled and matted manes and tails. Canter Mane and Tail is a specially formulated spray that helps to keep your horse’s hair smooth, shiny, and tangle-free. Here’s how it works: 

– Detangling: Canter Mane and Tail contains a powerful detangling formula that makes it easy to comb through knots and mats without causing discomfort to your horse. 

– Long-Lasting Shine: This product leaves a lasting shine on the hair, which not only looks great but also repels dirt, making it easier to maintain. 

– Anti-Static Properties: Winter air can lead to static electricity, which can make grooming a challenge. Canter Mane and Tail reduces static, making grooming more comfortable for both you and your horse. 

  1. Dreamcoat: Shine Bright Even in the Darkest Days

Winter can leave your horse’s coat dull and lacking its natural lustre. Dreamcoat is a fantastic solution to keep your horse’s coat looking stunning: 

– Instant Shine: Dreamcoat is a quick and easy spray-on product that provides an instant shine to your horse’s coat, enhancing its natural beauty. 

– Healthier Skin: It’s not just about appearance; Dreamcoat also promotes healthier skin by providing essential nourishment to the coat and skin during the dry winter months. 

– Protects Against Stains: The slick formula helps to repel stains, so your horse can stay cleaner and more presentable despite the muddy conditions. 

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